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My name is Miroslav Stolfa, but most of the people know me under my artistic name Fosco Alma. I am a music composer and producer, rapper, songwriter, sound engineer, programmer, but most importantly - a music lover. I was born September 26, 1989 in the Czech Republic and I have been devoted to music since I was 12 years old. During my time on the music scene, I worked on many successful or interesting projects (see References). I have been doing sound engineering as long as composing music or writing texts. In 2014, I have even founded my own music label Blakkwood Records s.r.o., which has quickly became popular and gained a large number of fans in Czech republic. At some point, when the management of the company began to grow over my head, I decided to step down from the leadership and devote more attention to what I love - the music itself again. Currently, I'm partly freelancer and I help individuals with the sound of their songs, I compose beats for clients and I devote myself to my own work. During more than 15 years I have gained precious experience and it will be my pleasure to use my professional services and offer them to you. #StayTuned

years of experience
realized projects
mastered songs
composed beats

Reference / Mix & Mastering

Fosco Alma - Foscoismus 3 2020
Amco - Vítej Doma 2020
Saint Edyn - Príliš Vela Emócií 2 2020
Saint Edyn - Príliš Vela Emócií 2020
Fosco Alma - Kodex 2019
Robin Zoot & DJ Rusty - TMVCJN 2018
Refew - O Tři Bloky Dál 2017
Blakkwood - Blakkout 2016
Renne Dang - Con Lai 2016
Jickson - Origami 2016
Viktor Sheen - NSD 2016
Robin Zoot - Cocktail Party 2016
Yzomandias 2015
Fosco Alma - Foscoismus 2 2015
Sharlota - Vdova 2015
Projekt Asia 2015
Jimmy Dickson - Konzillier 2014
Viktor Sheen - Level Up EP 2014
Yzotape 2013
LD - Alpha Omega EP 2013
MAAT - Ze Tmy 2013
Jackpot - Noční Podnik 2013
MAAT - Euroflow 2011

Reference / Custom Beats

6.000.000+ views on YouTube
5.300.000+ views on YouTube
4.400.000+ views on YouTube
3.800.000+ views on YouTube
3.100.000+ views on YouTube
2.200.000+ views on YouTube
1.800.000+ views on YouTube
1.800.000+ views on YouTube
1.600.000+ views on YouTube
1.500.000+ views on YouTube
1.100.000+ views on YouTube
1.100.000+ views on YouTube
900.000+ views on YouTube
500.000+ views on YouTube
500.000+ views on YouTube
500.000+ views on YouTube

What do my clients say?

"He has always made my songs sound great. In addition, he always went forward to meet my requirements. I can only recommend."
- Refew, rapper
"Thanks for your attitude. You gave me a chance to work with a real professional. Because of you I have bigger motivation to improve myself."
- Albi, rapper
"Fosco Alma Production is trusted and verified service for all audio professionals and enthusiasts, looking for industry ready sound. All projects that we have worked on together were individually prepared and tweaked for our needs. On time delivery, great work ethics and years of pro level experience is combination, that stands out from other audio services. If you are looking for great sound, you found your place."
- Overdue, DJ and studio director
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