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Online Song Mix & Mastering
Do you want that your song sounds professionally? There's nothing simpler than using a digital mix and mastering of your song or your whole project in the comfort of your own home.
Custom Beats & Type Beats
Are you betting on familiar beats or would you like to attract listeners with an original instrumental? I've got a pile of beats ready for you, and I'm ready to do the instrumental exactly to your liking!

Let me introduce myself

I know it's important to have a trust between the client and a producer. It develops gradually, from our first communication to our first succesfully completed project. Please use the contact form and specify what you would be interested in. You can also check out the projects I worked on in the past or read something about me. I will be glad to also know you better, so we can make the best out of our project!

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Digital Online Mix And Mastering

Every artist who really means it with his music wants his songs to sound professional. And you are lucky, because one way to do it is the online digital mix and mastering, made by a professional with years of experience, which I am!

Your Final Price:
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1 song
5 track stems

Favorite bundles

Choose one of my clients's favorite bundles
Basic Single $29 1 song 5 track stems
Pro Single $79 1 song 15 track stems
Basic EP $139 5 songs 5 track stems
Pro EP $259 5 songs 10 track stems
Mixtape $359 15 songs 5 track stems
Album $1199 15 songs 20 track stems

Type Beats & Custom Beats

You can choose from finished beats and make an instant purchase, or write me and arrange with me to create a unique beat according to your ideas and requirements. Start by choosing a license type:

Mp3 Lease $19 mp3 / 320 kbps Audio stream only 250000 streams Beat remains on sale Commercial use
WAV Lease $39 WAV / 44.1 kHz / 16 bit Audio stream only 500000 streams Beat remains on sale Commercial use
Premium Lease $99 WAV / 44.1 kHz / 16 bit Include track stems Audio and video stream 1000000 streams Beat remains on sale Commercial use
Premium Lease Plus $129 WAV / 44.1 kHz / 16 bit Include track stems Free mix and mastering Audio and video stream 2000000 streams Free arrangements Beat remains on sale Commercial use
Exclusive $299 WAV / 44.1 kHz / 16 bit Include track stems Free mix and mastering Audio and video stream Exclusive music rights Unlimited streams Free arrangements Sharing on my Instagram's stories Commercial use
The difference between licenses

The license gives right to the owner to legally use the music covered by the license. The type of license that has the title Lease can exist infinitely many times. That means that several people can buy it at the same time and legally use the beat for their music. (at their own discretion, but under licensing rules). You can monetize it on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.
But if you want to own and use the beats exclusively for you, meaning no one else can use it, nor buy it, and you also get to use Content ID on it, you will be interested in the license that has the title Exclusive. Basically, you will be granted the exclusive right with this license. You can monetize it on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Sign up and get discount

Sign up for a discount of up to 15% on all services and licenses. In addition, you will gain access to your account listing all projects that can be sorted into different workspaces for a better overview. Individual projects have a reporting system that gives you a perfect insight into the working phase of your project. You will also surely appreciate an overview of your payments or the ability to download files related to the project (individual version of the song, instrumental without vocals, radio version, etc.).

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How to get 15% discount?

You will receive the first 5% discount immediately after registration. Then, you can get another 5% by verifying your email address, because it is a key to create a reliable communication channel between me and you. Once we successfully complete the first project that will be properly paid, you will get the final 15% discount.

What do my clients say?

"He has always made my songs sound great. In addition, he always went forward to meet my requirements. I can only recommend."
- Refew, rapper
"Thanks for your attitude. You gave me a chance to work with a real professional. Because of you I have bigger motivation to improve myself."
- Albi, rapper
"Fosco Alma Production is trusted and verified service for all audio professionals and enthusiasts, looking for industry ready sound. All projects that we have worked on together were individually prepared and tweaked for our needs. On time delivery, great work ethics and years of pro level experience is combination, that stands out from other audio services. If you are looking for great sound, you found your place."
- Overdue, DJ and studio director

My famous realized projects

How does it work? Check it out!

Project Blakkout
3.500.000+ views on YouTube
This is how my custom beat sounds
Final song with my mix and mastering
Project Pod hladinou
5.500.000+ views on YouTube
This is how my custom beat sounds
Final song with my mix and mastering
Project Monstrum
4.400.000+ views on YouTube
This is how my custom beat sounds
Final song with my mix and mastering


Why master songs?

Every song has a lot of tracks (drums, instruments, voices, etc.) and each of these tracks should be arranged correctly with properly tuned frequencies and also it shouldn't be too quiet or loud.. Only a well mastered song sounds professional.

Master song meaning

It is a process of getting rid of unwanted sounds, setting up tuning frequencies, track arrangement, additional special effects, all of this with deep feelings of a skilled person who knows what to do.

How to master a song?

The song should sound as universally as possible to play as well on headphones as in the car or on television. The song should also play loud enough not to sound quiet, so it doesn't vary from other songs by other performers. The vocals should be just loud enough to understand the words. The song should generally sound nice and pure. This is achieved by means of various effects (equalizer, compressor, saturator, reverb, etc.) and fine tuning of volume ratios and stereobase.

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