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So you want your song to be unique and original? The best solution is to have a tailored beat made basically by yourself, by your requirements. Custom beat is best done by a music producer who has many years of experience and has been on the music scene for a very long time.

And you're lucky, because it's me! Fill in and submit the form and I'll be back with you. The only thing that divides you from what you want and need is this blank form!

How does it work?

1/ Your idea and requirements

First let me know about your idea of the musical background. You can tell me what mood should the beat should be in, tempo, structure - whatever you think is the key to your song. Along with this, you can also send an artwork or a reference of a song or beat for me to understand in which direction you want the overall tinge of music to be directed.

2/ Free sample

I will send you a sample of one or more beats for you in a few weeks, from which you can choose the one you like.

3/ Your feedback

Based on your feedback, which you write to me through comments on the project in your account, I will edit the song so that you are 100% satisfied.

4/ Payment

Once I properly finish my work on your song, including all your comments and requests, you will pay the agreed amount in advance to my bank account.

5/ Delivery of finished beat

As soon as I record a payment on my bank account, I will send you a finished beat in the format of the license you bought.

Write to me Your idea

Let me introduce myself

I know it's important to have a trust between the client and a producer. It develops gradually, from our first communication to our first succesfully completed project. Please use the contact form and specify what you would be interested in. You can also check out the projects I worked on in the past or read something about me. I will be glad to also know you better, so we can make the best out of our project!

More about me Reference
Just write me!
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realized projects
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Sign up and get discount

Sign up for a discount of up to 15% on all services and licenses. In addition, you will gain access to your account listing all projects that can be sorted into different workspaces for a better overview. Individual projects have a reporting system that gives you a perfect insight into the working phase of your project. You will also surely appreciate an overview of your payments or the ability to download files related to the project (individual version of the song, instrumental without vocals, radio version, etc.).

or fill the form

How to get 15% discount?

You will receive the first 5% discount immediately after registration. Then, you can get another 5% by verifying your email address, because it is a key to create a reliable communication channel between me and you. Once we successfully complete the first project that will be properly paid, you will get the final 15% discount.

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